Road bike

Discover our 490D

Our 490D is like a symbol. Our first model was called 490 in 2009. The version for riding, the shapes for comfort and a simple and effective design.

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Discover our 499D

Performance, reliability and aesthetics in a accessible package.

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Discover our 599D

Offering the ideal compromise was our leitmotiv for this new generation. We wanted to see it on all terrain and for all profiles.

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Discover our 599E

The 599E is an appeal to simple pleasure, to find or rediscover the feeling of well-being on a racing bike. Because "yes" it is still a road bike capable of riding without assistance and without drawing on your resources.

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Discover our 699D

The desired aerodynamics, the shapes of the tubes, the layup plan, the molding are essential parameters for the composite manufacture, the reliability and of course the behavior of the bike.

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