The S1neo brand, born in 2009, started from a simple idea: to offer high-performance, unique and customizable products to enthusiasts of the little queen with a strong emphasis on support before, during and after delivery. At S1neo, each bike is unique, each customer too!.
We find this DNA in our brand: S1 which means series one and NEO which means new, like our concept of distribution and personalization.

From our launch, we made the bet to think outside the box by offering our customers the possibility of configuring their bike themselves and giving free rein to their desires in terms of components, wheels, but also paint without forgetting the being perfectly advised for the position (each cycling profile being different).

Thanks to our configurator called MyS1neo, you can design from millions of variations, possible assemblies and this according to your budget, your practice so that your bike is unique!

At S1neo, all employees practice cycling (Road, Triathlon, cyclocross, mountain biking, track) and are regularly trained on the latest product innovations to provide you with ever more advice and expertise, including on bio-mechanics, pathologies of cyclists. The goal is to offer you the best so that you can fully exploit your bike.

Our know-how recognized all over the world

Deeply attached to our region, and to the values of work as well as the "short circuit", we have chosen to assemble all our bikes in our workshops located near Angers. All our paintings are carried out internally or in a short circuit (70km from our premises) via renowned partners in this very important field.

We are recognized for the quality of our products, our advice but also the quality of our services. We sell all over the world and it is a great pride to collect the satisfaction of our international customers with whom we are close.

These close relationships allow us to deliver 100% personalized bikes at contained prices within very short deadlines.

Whether you are a fan of road, gravel, track or Cyclo-Cross, we have the bike you need.

Key dates until today

Our company was born in a small garage of 9m2 in the Pays de la Loire region under cover of the global economic crisis but with an innovative business model and unlimited motivation. That of selling personalized products thanks to a state-of-the-art tool (configurator) by positioning the consumer in the foreground but also the retail store as the last link in the chain. We called this system the VDA (Accompanied Direct Selling).

Launch of our first and only product, our neo490 road model.

Development of our commercial system "VDA" in France. Collaboration with a major player in painting.

We are launching our "TRACK" segment with the first FP01.

Entries in the CX01 cyclo-cross product range and the mountain bike called XC01.

Launch of the Tokyo2020 Project with the objectives of manufacturing in France, selling abroad and opening a distribution base in Japan (it will be launched in 2017).

New premises, new showroom in the Angevine region. Launch of the OKUST brand (Custom Textile Department). The company sells its products in 8 countries.

Launch of our Made in France model called FP03 (Frame Piste 3rd generation) molded in our region. Opening of Le vélo Gagnant (S1neo Distributor in Japan), collaboration with Francis Mourey and Sébastien Chavanel for Cyclo-Cross and Road product development, as well as Kévin Maurel for Triathlon.

Expansion of the premises, S1neo has customers in 20 countries. December 2018, launch and official presentation of Team Uci S1neo Connect Cycling Team with Francis Mourey as leader.

Creation of a second Painting sector, the FP03 is sold in 22 countries, launch of the new METAL graphics based on Chrome, 699D products and the TT01 for long distance triathlon.

New more functional premises, the team is growing, S1neo is exported to 30 countries. the 599E (first E bike Route) is launched.

Launch of the new Cyclo-Cross, the CX1 and development on the TR4 (new generation track) as well as the HD1, a HardTail mountain bike planned for the end of the year.

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